There’s No Place Like Home

As we and the ones we care for get older, it’s normal to start thinking about where we’ll be a few years from now.  With age there comes a litany of body aches and pains, chronic health conditions, and mobility issues. Perhaps memory problems become apparent or we will find ourselves mourning the loss of a beloved spouse.  It makes sense to realistically make plans for the future before a crisis occurs.  It’s also important to reassess our future plans periodically as conditions change. 

According to a survey conducted by AARP in 2005, 90% of people aged 50 and older, want to remain in their own homes as they age.  There are definite advantages to remaining in your own home as you get older.  Being in our own homes among our personal belongings automatically assures a certain degree of comfort and familiarity.  We know where everything is, where everything belongs, and how it all works.  Being in familiar surroundings also provides a sense of safety and security.  We can travel our regular routes to the stores we shop at, to the pharmacy for prescriptions, to our churches, and to social events.  Driving becomes more difficult as we get older without worrying about getting lost. 

Remaining in our own homes allows us to keep up our friendships and stay connected with our neighbors.  A sense of community is important as we get older especially because it’s an extra safety net of people who know us and our habits and look out for us.  All of these factors help to promote our physical and mental well-being, preserve our own identity, and maintain our independence for as long as possible. In addition, living in our own homes is generally cheaper than living in an institutional setting and much more private.

As we and our loved ones get older, it’s important to remember that deteriorating health or problems with mobility won’t necessarily mean we have to leave the comfort and security of our own homes.  Planning for and using the support services from in-home care providers is a wonderful resource for aging in our own homes.  For more information about staying independently in the comfort of your own home, visit us at





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