Get Your Ducks In A Row

If you are a caregiver for a parent or a loved one then you are certainly tired, frustrated, and most certainly, worn out.  It’s a difficult job on a good day and an impossible one on a bad day.  You’re probably juggling a job, your family, and perhaps your own health issues.  Your ultimate goal is to keep your loved one safely and comfortably living in their own home. As you’ve reached the point when the demands on your time are greater than you can meet, home care will allow your loved one to age safely in their own home.  Before you hire an agency, there are some things you need to do first.

First of all assess your loved one’s needs.  How much help do they need?  What needs to be done in terms of services and how often do you want someone to help? Does someone need to be in the home at night?  Does your loved one need help with personal care or just companionship and conversation?  Does it matter to you whether the caregiver is a male or female? 

As you go through the selection process, there is information you need from the prospective agency.  You’re basically letting a stranger into your loved one’s home and trusting them to provide quality care.  Does the agency run background checks on the caregivers? Are the caregivers properly trained and supervised?

Be sure to ask about backup care.  What happens if the regular caregiver becomes ill or goes on vacation?  Will the caregivers coming to your loved one’s home be consistently the same?  How does the agency track their arrival and departure—you need to know you can count on the caregiver being with your senior at the scheduled time.  How flexible is the agency?  What if your loved one’s needs change?

These are all issues you need to address before an agency comes into your loved one’s home.  Ideally, these issues should be discussed with the one receiving care before services start.  This communication will go a long way toward making your senior more accepting of outside help.  Get your ducks in a row before you make any decisions.  What steps did you take in your search for home care help? Share below and visit us at




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