Is It Time For Help?

As our parents and loved ones age, it’s normal for us to look out for them more and more and do whatever we can to make their lives easier.  They may have developed a chronic illness or perhaps a mobility problem.  While we take on more responsibility for their wellbeing, we still have our own lives, jobs, children, and problems to deal with.  In time, we lose ourselves to this responsibility and worse yet stop being children or loved ones and become caregivers instead.  It’s important to keep that family bond and recognize when our loved one needs outside help to stay independent. 

There are signs to look for that can indicate some professional help is needed.  These signs creep up slowly, almost without us noticing it.  Are our loved ones able to and do they take care of their personal needs like bathing and performing oral hygiene?  Are they odor free, wearing clean clothes, and dressing appropriately for the weather? Is the home being kept up, garbage taken out, and are the bills being paid on time?

Do they remember to keep appointments and are they able to follow instructions from the doctor or dentist?  How’s the driving — do they get lost or have frequent near misses when they drive?  Are there any mood swings or do they have difficulty understanding others? Are they keeping up social contacts or have they isolated themselves from old friends and relatives?

Any combination of these signs may mean it’s time to get some help from a homecare agency. The goal ultimately is to keep your loved one safely and independently at home —- after all, isn’t that where we all want to be?  An added bonus is that the less time we have to spend being full time caregivers, the more time we have to spend and cherish with our parents and loved ones.  If we lose ourselves in the care, we lose ourselves as children and being worn out as a caregiver will just make us useless to the ones we love.  When did you realize it was time to get some help for your loved one?  Share below and visit us at:


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