Move More and Fall Less

As seniors get older, there’s a natural tendency for them to move less.  This may be the result of a variety of health issues that can hinder their ease of mobility such as arthritis or the result of fatigue brought on by chronic health problems.  Perhaps their vision isn’t as good as it used to be and they become more cautious in their movements. Maybe they’ve worked hard all their lives and are enjoying retirement by relaxing more and doing less.  No matter what is the cause of your loved one’s inactivity, it’s important to realize that this inactivity can set up a vicious cycle that could prevent them from doing things they want to do. A less active senior will have a decline in physical strength, mobility, and endurance.  In fact, moderate exercise is beneficial to everyone and to seniors in particular because it improves their balance and reduces the risk of falling.  Falling may not seem like a major problem in your youth— who hasn’t fallen off a bicycle or swing set as they grew up?  For seniors it’s a different story.  One out of every three Americans over the age of 65 falls each year according to the US Center for Disease Control.  In seniors between the ages of sixty five and eighty four, these falls are responsible for eighty nine percent of fractures they receive.  The seniors who are less active lack the strength they need to resist falls and are also more likely to be hospitalized after a fall.  The bad news is that a fall and hospitalization may make it difficult for a senior to return to their own home or perhaps even to live independently again.  The good news is that it’s never too late to begin to exercise and move more.  Moving more throughout your whole life translates into being able to move more as you get older.  It’s a good cycle—move more, fall less, be able to move more. Do you have any tips to keep you moving? Share  below and visit us at


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