Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s


It’s estimated that 12.5% of Americans now have Alzheimer’s.  As our population ages and our Baby Boomers hit their advanced years, that percentage is bound to go up.  Although there is no cure for this disease and there is no direct cause and effect link for its development, scientists have identified some risk factors for who may get Alzheimer’s.  The three most important risk factors are age, family history, and heredity.  The bad news is that there’s nothing we can do about these factors.  The other contributing factors are:




*lack of mental stimulation

*lack of physical activity

*head trauma

Of this second group of risk factors, the physical inactivity is most  important. The lack of activity increases the other risk factors.  Scientists and doctors now believe that if we address those factors in our control, we can reduce our chances of getting Alzheimer’s.  That’s the good news!  In light of that information, it makes sense for us to be proactive about our health.  It’s never too late to start. If you are in your 40’s or 50’s your improved lifestyle could lower your risk for developing this disease. This is a great reason to stick to your New Year’s resolutions to exercise, eat healthy, and lose weight! What are you going to do to modify your lifestyle?  Comment below and visit us at http://www.trilliumhomecare.com



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