Communicating With An Alzheimer’s Victim


If you know or care for someone who has Alzheimer’s, in time you will notice your ability to communicate with them diminish.  As time goes on, they will have difficulty finding words and seem more confused about the words or phrases you use.  As their ability to express themselves verbally decreases, they may gesture more with their hands.

There are things you can do to help your communication with them.
*Make sure you have your loved one’s attention. Address them by name and make sure there are no background noises like the television or radio to distract them.
*Wait for your loved one to respond and don’t interrupt with criticisms or corrections. 
*If your loved doesn’t seem to understand what you are saying, try to say it in different words.
*Speak clearly and simply in a normal tone of voice and try to keep eye contact. If your loved one becomes frustrated you’ll be able to see it in their facial expression.
*Don’t argue—it will just frustrate and agitate your loved one.  Be calm and make sure your tone of voice is gentle.
*Be respectful when you speak to someone with Alzheimer’s and never assume they don’t understand what you are saying.
*Make sure you express yourself positively, encouraging appropriate behaviors rather than forbidding inappropriate ones.

More than anything, you need to stay calm when speaking to someone with Alzheimer’s. Their inability to understand you or express themselves is not intentional so don’t take it personally.  What have you found works for you?  Share below and visit us at







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