A Caregiver’s Gift

As we make our holiday shopping list it’s important to remember that special person we know who is a caregiver. According to The Washington Post, one in six people who work also care for someone who is elderly or who has disabilities. This means that most of us are caregivers ourselves or know someone who is. A major part of being a caregiver is a lack of time and of course the stress that follows from that lack.

One of the most thoughtful and appreciated holiday gifts we can give a caregiver is the gift of time. This can come in many forms. Anything we do to free up some precious time for a caregiver would be appreciated. You can volunteer to perform some of their many tasks like running errands, doing the shopping or laundry or help with any transportation needs. Preparing and delivering some hot meals is also a great time saver.

If you can’t complete any timesaving chores on your own, another option is to purchase a gift certificate that provides any services the caregiver may need, for example: a house cleaning service or meal delivery.

Pre-paid gift cards that are used like a charge card are also a welcome present. They can be used by the caregiver to fill a variety of needs whether to take care of basic living expenses or to give themselves a needed break at a day spa.

One of the nicest things you can do is give a gift of yourself. Do something the caregiver may not do for themselves….go to lunch or dinner together. Be there as a sounding board and offer words of encouragement, support, and understanding. Include a gift basket you’ve made up with personal items such as candles, soaps, lotions or those things you’ve thoughtfully included that are geared to their personal interests.

Being a caregiver is time consuming and stressful and often results in a lot of self-sacrifice. Anything you can do to show a caregiver they are not alone and are appreciated is welcome. Do you have any other caregiver gift suggestions? Share below and visit us at http://www.trilliumhomecare.com


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