How Do I Choose A Home Care Agency

Now that you’ve made the decision to use a home care agency to help care for you loved one, the daunting task of selecting one begins. A good place to start is to ask for referrals from friends and neighbors. In addition, your local Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce may have a list of agencies and any possible complaints against them. Other great sources include senior centers, churches and social workers.

Before you start calling the agencies to narrow your choices, make a list of exactly what kinds of services you need and how often you need them. A reputable agency will want to do an assessment of your needs and design a plan of care with you for your loved one. Knowing what you’re looking for will help a lot in that process. There are questions you can ask to help narrow down your choice.

*How long has the agency been in business in your area?
*Is there a written description of what services are available with the rates for these services?
*Is there a minimum number of hours required?
*How is billing handled?
*Who takes care of the workers’ Social Security, Medicare, and tax deductions?
*How are caregivers hired and screened? Do they have to go through a background check and a drug test? Are they bonded and insured?
*Does the agency train employees? How much experience do they have?
*How are caregivers supervised and by whom?
*Is the same caregiver assigned at each visit? What happens if the caregiver gets ill or goes on vacation? If I’m unhappy with the caregiver sent out by the agency, can I request a different one?
*Are there any restrictions on how often or during what hours services are available?
*How is my loved one’s privacy protected?
*How are complaints or problems handled? How quickly is a staff member available if there’s a question or an issue comes up?
*Will a written plan of care be developed? Who will do it? Will the family be involved in the process? Is there a fee involved?
*If other community services or medical equipment is needed, will the agency help find them?
*Are references from current clients available?

The answers to these questions will help you select the agency which can best fill your needs. Are there other questions you believe should be asked? Share below. Visit us at


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