What’s The Truth About Seniors And Medications?

Nowadays seniors are living longer in great part due to medications that have been developed to control their health problems. It’s these same medications that can be a cause of concern for both the seniors and their caregivers. Typically, seniors over 65 take at least five different medications per day. This greatly increases the odds that things can go wrong.
*As they get older, seniors see several physicians and specialists. They also tend to shop around for and use more than one pharmacy in an effort to pay less for their medications. Both of these factors increase the risk for dangerous drug interactions. One physician may not know what another physician has prescribed and one pharmacy won’t know what has already been dispensed at another pharmacy.
* Seniors often have memory problems as they age. They can easily forget the instructions for taking their medication. The resulting problems can range from taking their prescribed drugs too often to skipping them altogether.
*Problems with hearing can cause your loved one to misunderstand the doctor’s or pharmacist’s directions for taking the prescribed medication.
*As seniors age, their bodies tend to respond differently to medication. Medications build up in their systems more easily and take a longer time to be eliminated. Not taking the medications exactly as prescribed can cause dangerous over or under dosing. In addition, seniors are more sensitive to the effects of drugs so the dosage needs to be carefully monitored.
* Some seniors may have financial problems and may not refill their prescription as necessary or may cut their pills in half to make them last longer.

The presence of any of these issues with your loved one makes it very important to have medications dispensed and taken as directed by the physician. Have you noticed other things that affect your senior and their medications? Share below. Don’t forget to visit us at: http://www.trilliumhomecare.com


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