Should Your Senior Stop Driving?


Many people can drive safely into their senior years and then there are those who need to limit their driving or stop altogether.  If you notice some of these things happening  when a senior friend or relative drives, it is time to consider this change.

*Do they have a hard time making turns, especially left ones?

*Are there a lot of frequent “close calls” when they drive?

*Do they get lost in familiar areas?

*Are there unexplained scrapes and dents on the car?

*Has the senior gotten lots of “warnings” from the police?

*Have you noticed abrupt lane changes or braking?

*Are other people reluctant to be in the car when the senior drives?

*Do other drivers honk at them often?

*Do they bump into other cars when they park?

*Are gaps in traffic often misjudged?

*Does the driver keep the turn signal on without changing lanes?

*Is there any confusion over the gas and brake pedals?

*When driving, does the senior seem nervous or agitated?  Do they often get road rage?

*Do they drift into other lanes or onto the shoulder of the road?

If you notice these warning signs in someone you know or care for, it’s time to have them evaluated by a professional. Taking a senior driver refresher course can also be helpful. Have a candid conversation with them and try to work out some options together.  With encouragement and cooperation from friends and family the senior driver can switch to other transportation options.

Have you noticed other warning signs in some senior drivers? Comment below.

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