Is It Fraud?

Whenever someone intentionally misleads an older person so they can get to their money or property, they’ve committed elder fraud. The person committing this crime can be an unscrupulous telemarketer, attorney, financial planner, salesman or a caregiver. Anyone who can get to a senior’s money or assets can commit fraud. Some examples include:
• Convincing or forcing a senior to change their will
• Using a senior’s charge card for personal benefit
• A home repair scam where money is paid up front and the job is never done or
the repair is of poor quality
• Convincing a senior to purchase expensive and unnecessary insurance policies
• Getting donations from an senior under false pretenses
• Cashing a senior’s check without prior permission
• Using a senior’s identity to collect and cash checks after his or her death
• Not paying a senior’s bill that you are responsible for paying as a caregiver
• Stealing household items while caring for a senior
Seniors are easy targets for fraud. Over 70% of the wealth in this country is controlled by seniors. Because of their age they often have disabilities that put them in the position of having to accept help from others whether it’s family members or paid caregivers. Most importantly, they often don’t report these crimes out of embarrassment or because they think becoming a victim reflects badly on them. They may be afraid of retaliation or of losing some of their independence. If you have a senior friend or relative that you believe is a victim of fraud, call the police. Do you have any other examples of senior fraud you can share? Comment below and visit us at


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