Too Young for Alzheimer’s?

Although the cause of Alzheimer’s is unknown, most scientists agree that a variety of factors can increase the odds of it developing. The greatest risk factor is age. When the disease strikes someone under the age of 65, it’s known as Early On-set Alzheimer’s. Early On-set Alzheimer’s is caused by a rare genetic mutation.
There are no prescribed tests that can diagnose Early On-set Alzheimer’s and its symptoms can easily be written off as stress. Being aware of this disease and knowing its signs and symptoms is important because there are medicines that if used early enough have been proven to slow its progress.
Symptoms of Early On-set are similar to those of Alzheimer’s. Have you ever noticed these behaviors in a loved one…Do they regularly lose items or just seem forgetful? Do they have a hard time doing everyday common tasks or seem confused? Has there been a personality change or are they more withdrawn? Have you noticed problems with their ability to communicate or use language?
It’s important to remember that the symptoms and stages are different for each individual case but if you suspect that something is wrong, taking action early is important.
•Schedule a medical evaluation with a doctor who specializes in Alzheimer’s disease. Getting a diagnosis involves a medical exam and possibly cognitive tests, a neurological exam and/or brain imaging.
•Write down the symptoms of memory loss or other cognitive difficulties you notice so you can share them with your health care professional.
•Keep in mind that there is no one test that confirms Alzheimer’s disease. A diagnosis is only made after a comprehensive medical evaluation.

Visit you need help finding medical support. What’s your experience with Early On-set Alzheimer’s? Comment below if you have questions or visit our Facebook page at


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